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Cadmium is still widely used in the Aerospace industry for all types of fasteners. Here at DeTray we have the capabilities of plating to a wide variety of Aerospace specifications. We have 2 large walk-in ovens for stress relieve of your parts verified with 24 hour chart recorders. Certification to your specification is provided at no extra charge. Our employee’s have over 70 years of combined experience processing aerospace parts.


  Ball Mounts Cable Ends
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Cadmium has long been used for its superior corrosion protection. Cadmium as deposited is bright silver finish to which a clear or yellow chromate can be applied. The deposit is soft, ductile and solderable. Here at DeTray Plating Works we have both rack and barrel capabilities depending on your needs.

Better corrosion protection than Zinc

Original finish on older Automobiles and Motor cycles

Certification to your specification is provided at no extra charge.

We can accommodate most plating specifications including but not limited to:

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